Facial Recognition Terminal Hikvision DS-K1T341AM • Akses Mandiri

Facial Recognition Terminal Hikvision DS-K1T341AM

Rp 1.714.765

Face Recognition Terminal, 4.3-inch LCD touch screen,2 Mega pixel wide-angle lens,Built-in Mifare card reading module;
Max.1500 faces capacity and 1500 cards;
Face recognition in dark environment
Two-way audio with client software, indoor station, and master station
Supports TCP/IP, DC 12V/3A
Supports Ehome5.0, ISAPI
Supports 6 attendance status, including check in, check out, break in, break out, overtime in, overtime out
Face Recognition Accuracy Rate > 99%
Face Recognition Duration(1:N) ≤0.2s
Face Recognition Distance: 0.3m ~ 1.5m

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